World of Warcraft

WoW is kind of an oddity - not many of us play, and even less play it consistently. But we do have characters on both Retail and TBC Classic, so there's that!

In-game Contact

Main character: Erevate
Alts: Navhae

Born to Lose
Main character: Leathis

Our realms


We are primarily Horde players. Here's realms we play on:

  • Retail: Twisting Nether
  • WotLK Classic: Gehennas (PvP)


Although we're primarily Horde players, there's nothing that stops us from having Alliance characters for some variety. If you want to play with us as Alliance as well, come to following realms:

  • Retail: Defias Brotherhood
  • WotLK Classic: Firemaw (PvP)

Small note: do not worry if realm says "Full" - you can still join it. There might be queues on expansion/big patch day, but in practice that's about it.

No Guild?

Yeah, for now we haven't created our own guild in WoW. But why?

The reason is pretty simple - in WoW joining a big guild is the best way to get into a lot of in-game content. We are a small team, so our guild would be tiny.
Yes, the same can be said about many other games, but there's a significant difference - in other games, guilds either matter less (like in Path of Exile) or you can join multiple guilds (like in Guild Wars 2). In WoW, unfortunately you can only join one guild, and they matter a ton.

For this reason, we're on lookout for an already established guild in WoW - and once we settle for one, we'll update this page!