Gallery is now populated


This website launched with an Images gallery, but we only had 2 random GTA Online images there.

Now, that’s changed. I’ve gone through my steam media, as well as a fair bit of my local drive screenshots, and then added them to this website.
As a result, our Images gallery now has a total of 179 (!) new images from multiple games, for example Guild Wars 2, EVE Online and others. And I hope it’ll get even more as the time goes!

Many new screenshots is the biggest change on the website, but there’s also some more smaller updates:

  • TheDutchMagikarp and Keli now have their member pages.
  • TehGM and Tajniak now have their gaming rig card on their pages.
  • Guild Wars 2 now has some content on its page.
  • Multiple games on games list now have short descriptions.
  • Members can also have related images on their page.
  • Some other small tweaks!

Author: TehGM