Welcome to BloodXtract Team page


Welcome to our home page!

We are a team of friends who like to play games. We don’t take ourselves too seriously - we play for fun, nothing competetive. You can see list of Games we Play, and some games have additional information on their own sub-pages with more information. Feel free to also check our profiles!

You’re welcome to join us - simply speak up! We are casual and relaxed, but we have a few simple rules:

  1. Absolutely no cheating in public online games. We don’t care if you do it in singleplayer, or private server owned by you that only selected friends use, but we despise cheating in public games - it’s just pathetic.
  2. No being a complete asshole to other members. We don’t mind some insults as a joke, but it has to be a joke - and therefore, all involved parties must be okay with it.
  3. No drama. We like fun - and if you have some arguing to do, do it in private - fights make us feel really not comfortable.
  4. No griefing - unless we’re playing PvP and agreed on it!

Author: TehGM