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There are many third-party tools for games (and not only). Here we list some of our recommendations.

This list is not exhaustive. These tools also aren't mandatory or anything like that. This list is meant to be just a reference, both for BLDX members and visitors alike.

Path of Exile Tools

Path of Building - Community Fork An extended version Path of Building, a tool designed to plan Path of Exile builds, view stats, tweak your build etc. A must-have if you plan to play PoE any seriously.
FilterBlade Path of Exile features an Item Filter feature that allows you to highlight item drops that you're interested in, while hiding the ones you want to ignore. FilterBlade is the most powerful Item Filter customizer for PoE. a PoE economy tracking and analysing website. Very useful for determining currency exchange rates.
Path of Exile Trade PoE doesn't feature built-in Auction House or anything like that. Instead, there's an official website for public stash tab-based trading, which lists current sell offers automatically.
Quality Recipe Calculator A very simple tool created by TehGM that will scan your stash tabs, and calculate any possible combination for Glassblower's Bauble and Gemcutter's Prism vendor recipes. Has option to calculate combinations that result in exactly 40% quality sum, or all combinations that will have minimum 40% quality sum.

Guild Wars 2 Tools

Gw2Timer An interactive map for tracking World Bosses and Meta Events, as well as finding resource nodes and Jumping Puzzles. Also features checklists that reset daily or weekly.
GW2 Efficiency A very useful tool for listing all items required for crafting, and not only. Virtually a must-have if you want to craft your legendary. Also, there's a lottery that you can win cool items in!
GW2TP A trading post website for Guild Wars 2. Allows tracking prices, demand and volume of items on in-game market, both using current and historical data.