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BloodXtract [BLDX]

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In GTA Online, in addition to general BloodXtract Rules, we have a few custom ones:

Do not cheat!

Yes, this is a part of general BloodXtract Rules, but in this game it's especially important.

Do not kill people who sell cargo in OP vehicles

Vehicles like MK2, tanks, jets, and so on are nearly impossible to defend against when selling cargo. Rockstar sucks like that.
Driving by them and shooting with pistols is okay, but with OP vehicles it's just a dick move. We can do better than that.

Do hunt griefers

Okay, this is not a rule, but a suggestion. If you see someone griefing with Opressor MK2 - take out a Ruiner 2000. If they do it in a jet, grab your explosive sniper rifle. Let's teach them a lesson and make them cry.

Do report cheaters

We are against cheating. Problem with cheaters is that most often we can't realistically counter them. So let's report them! Yeah, Rockstars are selfish scrubs, but maybe one day a cheater will finally get banned.

Who's playing

Tajniak TehGM