Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is one of the most casual-friendly MMOs out there. It makes it a perfect fit fur us!

Our Guild

BloodXtract [BldX]

Feel free to apply!

You can also contact one of our recruiters:

In-game Contact

TehGM - Not A GM.7684
Main character: Erevate

Born to Lose - Wunsz.3105

Tajniak - Tajniak.6597

TheDutchMagikarp - TheDutchMagikarp.8264

Keli - Kelzter.8371


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What we do

We're playing Guild Wars 2 casually - there's no requirements for activity or participation. But of course, they're very welcome!

We take part in most activities, according to member's will and what they feel like.
However, we do stuff together sometimes, for example:

  • World Bosses
  • Fractals
  • Dungeons
  • Festival events
  • Jumping Puzzles
  • Guild Missions
  • sPvP
  • WvWvW
  • Exploring and going out of bounds
  • General messing around
  • And just whatever!

We're playing on Fissure of Woe (Europe) world - this matters if you want to join us in WvWvW.
Otherwise it doesn't matter which World you're playing on!

Guild Upgrades

Currently the guild doesn't have many upgrades, but we're slowly collecting gold for Guild Hall.

Currently we have 65/100 gold collected for this purpose. If you'd like to donate gold, contact TehGM.


Members that donated for guild upgrades: