Valhalla awaits... but until then, we enjoy Valheim.

How We Play

We play Valheim in a chill manner. We don't rush and don't attempt to be really effective. We slowly build our houses, and laugh at how ugly they turn out to be.

Yes, we fool around like the filthy casuals we are!

Our Server

We rent a server at so we can play freely without dependency on other members.

The server is private to BloodXtract members, but if you want to join us (and split the server costs), feel free to contact us!

Server Rules

Our server has the same rules as BloodXtract Rules.

The most important rule is no griefing. We want to chill in Valheim - so griefing and destroying our builds is a bannable offense.


Use .server valheim command of Einherji bot on Discord to get connecting info!

Note that our Valheim server uses SteamID whitelisting.